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Why Obvi?

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It is one of life’s most satisfying moments – basking in the anticipation of the near final moment of closing a deal on the perfect new vehicle. Your mind begins to drift to thoughts of Sunday drives, road trip adventures with friends, commuting with your favourite songs playing as your battle cry before you get to work, and transporting your loved ones, your most precious cargo.

You researched vehicles for weeks, spending hours test driving and negotiating which was best for you.  All of this leads us to the final sales office….and it begins. Everything you have been told about the vehicle is out the window and an expensive, complicated, fear driven sales process begins as to why you need an extended warranty.  You are presented the gold, silver, bronze options with pricing going up and down by significant numbers.  Every time you decline the deal it changes by package or price. The result, you either decline the extended car warranty as you’re turned off by the process or you’re a victim of buyer’s remorse.  “How did the extended warranty go from $4,700 to $3,800? And I got window tinting!!!

For many the buyer’s remorse continues… “I thought I could transfer this extended warranty?” … “I thought I picked the best package available, nobody told me about a transfer clause!” … “What do you mean electronics isn’t covered?” For the team at Obvi, it was obvious that change was needed.  We have developed a quick no sales pressure online process, simple policy options – with great coverage standard for all, and the best transfer clause on all policies. While doing all that we significantly dropped the price by cutting out the sales commissions and dealer fees so you can keep more of your hard earned money and still have peace of mind that you are covered.

Obvi extended car warranties are not just a warranty contract they are actually Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Policies. Our policy of insurance simply lists what isn’t covered and that means if it isn’t excluded – its covered! When purchasing an extended car warranty with a multi-year lifespan you want to be sure a provider has the financial stability to pay claims throughout the life of the policy. With an Obvi warranty underwritten by an ‘A’ rated insurance company, you can rest assured that your claims will be covered throughout the term of the policy.

Get a quote and start the process of extending your coverage and increasing the value of your ride.