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Tips for protecting your car from being stolen or broken into


Tips for protecting your car from being stolen or broken into

When I was a child growing up, I remember very clearly my parents taking every precaution they could to protect their car from being stolen. They would use a huge clunky steering wheel lock, take the radio out of the car and into the house, and open the glove box to show there was nothing in there. It was just part of their routine, but eventually over the years the safety routine has slowly diminished. Radios aren’t the valuable commodity they used to be in a car, and it is rare these days to see a visible lock across the steering wheel.

Having said that, they are still very aware that the car could be stolen and don’t leave anything inside it. Although they live in a tiny village in the countryside, they’ve had their windshield wipers taken a couple of times but luckily not the car itself. Family members in the center of a city went through such a bad patch that they even kept their car keys locked in their bedside table as car theft in the area was rife. My neighbors in Calgary in comparison aren’t very careful and said that back home in Manitoba, they permanently leave the keys in the ignition as they are so sure that their car is perfectly safe.

Whatever your safety routine is, it’s important to hear the news that car theft is up in Canada by 6% with some provinces a lot more affected than others. And interestingly, the most stolen car is the Ford F-350 with 8 different versions in the Top 10 stolen cars.

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Here are our Top Tips for protecting your car:

  • Don’t leave anything out in your car

Not sunglasses, not a coat or jacket, not your Sat Nav cable – nothing! I’ve heard people say they can’t believe their car was broken into because all they left out was a pair of sunglasses…. Just don’t leave anything out.

  • Put your shopping out of sight

Ok, so sometimes you need to leave things like shopping in the car whilst you are out and about. Put it in the trunk and make sure it’s covered so you can’t see it. If thieves are looking for stuff to steal but can’t see anything, they will move on.

  • Make sure you lock your doors

It’s surprising how easy it is to get distracted and forget, so make an effort to check the doors are locked.

  • Leave your windows up

Whatever you do, don’t leave your windows open, even if it’s just a crack. It makes it an easy target to be stolen.

  • Choose wisely where you park your car

Park your car in a well-lit place, or ideally safely away in your garage. If you regularly park in the same spot for work, it might be worth changing it up as thieves look for a routine to minimize the risk of them getting caught.

  • Don’t leave your car running and go and do something

Even in Winter when you are warming the car up and de-icing, don’t leave the engine running and quickly go back into the house. Cars do get stolen this way! Between November and December 2017, Calgary Police said that 200 automobiles were stolen whilst idling.

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What’s the best extended car warranty in Canada?

Whats the Best Car Warranty in Canada

What’s the best extended car warranty in Canada?

Not everyone is familiar with extended automobile warranties. If they are, the thought is likely associated with uncomfortable memories, such as spending hours in a car dealership while navigating through complicated options and financing with a finance manager, or struggling to figure out how to make a claim and who you should be calling.

You could say that the automobile industry is a late adopter when it comes to quality service delivery — alleviating those pain points has not been a top priority for the industry, especially when it comes to extended car warranty in Canada.

Now that savvy consumers are demanding better, faster, and more transparent services, options to avoid the traditional in-store game of car sales have started to pop up online. Options are always a good thing. Better service? Also good.

So, what about your car warranty, and what is the best extended car warranty in Canada?

A typical manufacturer’s warranty straight from the factory looks something like this: 60,000 km or 3 years. And that’s great — thanks manufacturers!

But what happens when you’ve reached those kilometers or years? Luckily, you can extend the warranty period for your vehicle. And here’s the important part: you have options for where to get your extended warranty. It does not need to be from the dealership, and it does not even need to be right when you are buying your vehicle. In fact, buying an extended car warranty outside of a dealership will usually save you time and money.

Car dealerships are essentially a middleman — a well-paid middleman. Like all brick-and-mortar establishments, the costs to provide services are inflated by sales commissions and the overhead costs required to operate and maintain a building, and that cost gets passed on to you. By cutting out this middleman, you can not only avoid the pain points of the experience but also the inflated cost of the product you are buying.

Meet Obvi

When it comes to extended warranty products, Obvi has eliminated that middleman and connected you directly to insurance experts. (Did you know that their warranty is an insurance policy, not a “warranty contract”? You do now! More about that below.) By going online you get a better price for a better product and, in our view, the best extended car warranty in Canada.

A quick look at what Obvi offers:

  • A free online quote for an extended warranty in less than a minute.
  • Coverage options to meet your usage needs.
  • Live Chat connecting you directly with qualified Obvi insurance advisers to answer questions as needed.
  • No “buy now!” pressure. Obvi can cover vehicles up to 10 years in age (although the policies are always the most affordable when the vehicle is new).
  • The peace of mind of an insurance policy that is administered under strict, government-regulated financial controls and backed by a Canadian-based, A-rated insurer, as opposed to a warranty contract that is made between a consumer and the immediate retailer.
  • Policies that are written in plain language, instead of the technical jargon that you’d be asked to skim through and digest at the dealership.
  • Low-cost financing options.
  • Lasting value. The warranties are transferable to the next owner of the vehicle (or dealership, should you be trading it in), so you can advertise it as an added bonus when you are ready to sell. Obvi has the only extended warranty in Canada that allows transfer through a dealer trade.
  • The ability to cancel your policy if your vehicle gets written off and receive a partial refund.

To summarize, Obvi offers the best extended car warranty in Canada.

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