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Quotes for GAP Insurance

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Where do you go to get quotes for GAP Insurance?

Traditionally, GAP Insurance was only sold through the dealer when purchasing a vehicle, so this is also where you would get quotes for GAP Insurance. However, this is expensive, the dealer is often not knowledgeable about the product and they are not the ones who would handle your claim. There also tends to be a sales pressure when buying insurance products from the dealer as they make a hefty commission from selling a 3rd party warranty (hence why buying from the dealer is expensive).

Obvi has completely changed GAP Insurance; by bringing the sales process online and cutting out the middleman, consumers can save up to 70%, there is no sales pressure and confusing technical jargon and consumers get a better product. Obvi has made the process of getting quotes for GAP Insurance quick & easy – you can get a quote in under 30 seconds!

Can you get quotes for GAP Insurance on used vehicles? Absolutely! It doesn’t matter whether your vehicle is new or used, as long as you meet the requirements;

  • You have to have a long-term loan (4 years / 48 months up to 7 years / 84 months) and a relatively new vehicle (up to 4 years old).
  • Both new and used vehicle purchases are eligible
  • Must be in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba and recently signed a new auto loan or lease between $20,000 – $100,000

Getting quotes for GAP Insurance is so easy with Obvi. Whether you are at work, home or on-the-go, you can quickly get a quote on your phone without hassle. You can take your time to research and understand what the policy covers, and whether this is something for you. There is also no time pressure meaning you don’t have to make a pressured decision. Come back whenever you are ready, and we are here to help you if necessary.

How is GAP Insurance with Obvi different from buying at the dealership? Here is a handy comparison:

Quick 30 seconds quoteX
No confusing jargonX
No commission feeX
Take your time to researchX
No sales pressureX
Simple list of exclusionsX

The way that GAP Insurance and Extended Auto Warranty is being sold in Canada is changing. Consumers no longer have to go through the dealer to get a quote for GAP Insurance, or even make a purchase. Obvi offers GAP Insurance at a fair price by simplifying the process and cutting out the middleman. Canadians should be able to go online for GAP Insurance at their leisure and purchase an important insurance product at an affordable price.