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April 2021

Beware the increasing costs of vehicle repairs



It wasn’t that long ago that a fairly handy and determined automobile owner could fix most of the components in his or her vehicle. Need to replace an alternator? Easy — grab a repair manual or look the information up online, pick up the necessary replacement parts, and take a few hours in your own garage or backyard to complete the work.

But what if your new vehicle’s infotainment screen suddenly stops working and goes black? Well, that’s a whole lot more complicated.

Vehicles today are more complicated and specialized than ever before, and that is a trend that isn’t going to slow down any time soon. While these changes have made them more fun and luxurious, it has also made them more difficult and expensive to repair.

Here is a list of some unexpected vehicle repair claims that Obvi had settled and their costs:


  • Running board motor: $1,200
  • Front radar obstruction sensor: $1,600
  • Instrument cluster: $3,650
  • Navigation/infotainment system: $5,900
  • Blindspot monitor: $2,200
  • Rear electric door lock failure: $1,300
  • Back-up camera: $650
  • Side-view mirror cameras: $1,050


For more information about repairs to watch out for, check out this useful database from the website CarMD.

Not all car brands are the same

It has become common in the age of the internet for drivers to research vehicles before buying them, and the information that people are finding about vehicle reliability is changing the industry.

To put it simply: some vehicles break down more than others do, and some vehicles cost more to repair than others do. For example, if you have a Ford F-150 (the best-selling vehicle in Canada) it is a lot easier to find original factory parts or aftermarket parts for it in comparison to something like, say, a Jaguar F-Pace. To phrase this another way, the total cost of vehicle ownership can vary a lot from brand to brand or model to model.

The Obvi difference

Obvi’s extended warranties are built to factor in these (sometimes huge) differences. That’s why we price all vehicles uniquely. Our costs to settle repair claims varies from vehicle to vehicle, which is why our prices vary from vehicle to vehicle. If your car, truck or SUV is proven to be reliable and easy to fix, then we’re happy to offer you low rates for a warranty.

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