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"I am not a customer yet. However, after the exceptional chat session I had with Derek, I can see myself becoming a customer very soon. I'm still in the process of purchasing a used vehicle, and trying to find out the best extended coverage in Canada I can receive. So far Obvi leads the way for the coverages I require. Even though their inspection services are not in my area I am willing to travel to become qualified."

WalterBritish Columbia

"I emailed them about the needs of repair, they told me that the dealership I was dealing with was on their 'preferred' list and I could go ahead. Dealership emailed quote to obvi, got approved and that's it."

Zoltan V.Manitoba

"Very responsive to emails, all questions answered, Spoke with both Derek and Joe, Great pricing, 70% saving over the extended warranty Chrysler offered me, Obvi has an A+ rating with the BBB, I hope I never have to use the warranty but it’s nice to know you’ve got it, very simple and no pressure sales, thanks Obvi "

Doug FBritish Columbia

"Spoke w/ Joe. Easiest and most professional person to deal with. Got the extended warranty for my new vehicle in minutes. There was no fuss. I hope to never use the warranty but the peace of mind with having one is greatly appreciated. I saved about $1300 going with OBVI versus going with the dealership's extended warranty. More power to OBVI! Disrupt the auto industry!!!"

Mike E.Alberta

"Straightforward to understand the policy (especially compared to others) and easy to apply. Will comment later when I have had the policy in force for a year or so."

Norma M.British Columbia

"Dealing with Obvi was a great experience and stress free. Thank you."

Bashir V.Alberta

"Getting the policy and payment plan is quick and easy. Appreciate the help and keep up the good work!"

Jerome T.Alberta

"I have always enjoyed luxury vehicles and when the factory warranty runs out after 3-5 years its nice to drive a vehicle up to 7 years knowing you have bumper to bumper coverage that is very affordable. It was easy to set up and used the coverage 2 times without any problem. Great service."

Gary T.British Columbia

"Great prompt claims service from Obvi. Recommend to anyone for warranty. Appreciate the service."

R.B.British Columbia

"Smooth process buying. Very helpful contact."

Tiger TBritish Columbia

"I got a really good deal with Obvi. I was charged 3x the price of my GAP insurance from my dealership. I already had lots of expenses to pay so I looked for a cheaper with reliable GAP insurance. The process of submitting my requirements and approval went smooth. Joe was very responsive to all my questions and was very attentive to all my requests. I highly recommend this!
Hope you can help more people like me. Cheers!."


"Just purchased an after market extended warranty from Obvi for my new truck.
Very Easy, Great communication from the team, answered all my questions and even reviewed the After market warranty I originally purchased from the dealer at the time of sale that i now have since cancelled. I saved Thousands!! Do not buy any warranty but this one , or in my opinion you pay Way too much."


"Just purchased GAP insurance from obvi after shopping around for a week. Joe was amazing answering all my questions and recommending the proper policy type for my needs. He was extremely fast with responses and information was SOOO much clearer then any other insurance company I contacted. The other insurance companies I was talking to took many emails and hand full of different people to answer simple questions that Joe was able to clarify in seconds giving me the impression the other companies didn't want me to know the answers by not responding without beating around the bush but Joe was completely different clearly and promptly answering all questions making me feel very comfortable with my choice. The cost was also considerably less then everywhere else.
Will definitely be using obvi for any future needs down the road as well. Oh and don't use the dealership Insurance offer simply pass on there offer and just call these guys to get same coverage for at least $300 less ."

Jeff MBritish Columbia

"I did thorough research online and through contacting dealers directly. Obvi has the best price, the best coverage, and the best customer satisfaction ratings. It was easy to speak with an agent who helped me with my questions along the way. Hopefully we never need to use them, but it is nice to have the peace of mind and know there are service orientated professionals at the other end to help out."

Allison LAlberta

"I chose Obvi based on positive reviews I had read. After some side by side comparisons with other third party companies, Obvi seemed like the easiest to do business with and the most transparent.

Having your vehicle break is never fun, and I was anxious about some potential "gotchas" or other surprises, but there were none. The Obvi process was super straight forward and easy to use. Even the shop I took my vehicle to was impressed with the ease of use through the whole process.

Thanks for taking the stress out of a stressful situation."

Craig KBritish Columbia

"Was quick and easy to use"

Allan KBritish Columbia

"Easy to apply and coverage is so much better than dealer offerings!!"

Derrick PAlberta

"Nice and easy to purchase online and the chat with the CSR were extremely helpful. Dealership quote was 3 x times more."

Rao LManitoba

"Policy offered has similar exclusions to the Dodge warranty offered - comparing them was tricky (thanks to Dodge). Nice to be able to extend the warranty -8 yrs!- without paying for more kms, as we primarily drive short distances in the city (but intend to own the vehicle past the extended warranty).
Great value. Nice online experience."

Kevin MAlberta

"This was such an easy process. I saved almost 3/4 of what the dealership offered me for warranty!"

Kim KBritish Columbia

"just got this extended insurance, looks as good as the ford warranty at half the price,,was hesitant at first but looks alright have some peace of mind now with all the electronics etc. in these new vehicles."

Zaine SSaskatchewan

"Easy to purchase and under half the price quoted by the dealer"

Kevin HBritish Columbia

"An awesome flawless, quick and efficient claims processing.. I am very impressed."

Anish SManitoba

"I spoke with a couple different agents online chat and over the phone. They provided information regarding their registration with the Alberta Insurance Council. They answered everything quickly and efficiently, and my quote was approx half of what dealership was providing."

Mike MAlberta

"Only 3 or 4 months into policy,had a small claim that was handled very quickly. claim submitted by repair shop to obvi,less them 2 hours o.ked for repairs. Fast and professional without me in the middle. thanks"

Greg FAlberta

"I just bought a extended warranty insurance package. After a bit of research I found Obvi to be much better priced than anything else I looked at. The coverage is easy to understand and the process was simple. I will be back to further review at a later date but so far so good."

Nigel RBritish Columbia

"Great customer service! Amazing prices. This is real and it works! Got in an accident with my vehicle and had it written off. I was reimbursed for the remainder of my agreement and received an even better quote for my new vehicle, a 2018 with all the new electronic bells and whistles that Obvi covers"

Alex JBritish Columbia

"Best Warranty Company in Canada! Going through my first claim right now. Obvi customer service has been excellent. Easy process. Getting my truck repaired at the dealership tomorrow. So glad I bought my extended warranty with Obvi and recommend it to everyone. They are new and awesome and better than any other warranty company out there! Yay Obvi!"

Dezarae DBritish Columbia

"I just purchased an OBVI extended warranty policy on a 2018 SUV – the price was $4000 less than what I was quoted by the dealership! The policy is transferrable with both a private and/or dealer sale, should we sell or trade it in within the policy period. The process took less than 5 minutes and was very user friendly. SO simple, for just over a quarter of the price!"

Donna MBritish Columbia

"Excellent customer service! The online chat is really helpful."

Michelle FAlberta

"Saved thousands over the dealership option and Obvi provided even more Km's!"

Kim MAlberta

"Wish Obvi would have been around when I over payed at the dealer by over $2,500! Great work Obvi and we will be coming back for the next vehicle!"

Kate ZBritish Columbia

"Was able to cancel my warranty that I bought from the dealer and save over 50% with more years and Km’s of Coverage."

Corey WAlberta

"I have to echo the same thoughts as Kim F...Really the best thing since sliced bread. Well laid out website design. The FAQs and chat with us features both worked really well in answering my questions on their services. Highly recommend for your automotive warranty needs!"

Matt DAlberta

"This is the best option since sliced bread! Saved me time and money! What else do you really need. Oh and they have great customer service very easy to deal with. I highly recommend them."

Kim FBritish Columbia

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