Extended Warranty Vehicle Inspections

Inspections that come right to your door!

If your vehicle no longer has any manufacturer’s comprehensive warranty remaining you can still get great extended warranty coverage — but we do require an inspection of the vehicle. Inspections keep insurance premiums lower by eliminating pre-existing conditions from the equation. It also allows for the best and fastest claims service when something does happen. Our partner mechanics have convenience in mind and will be able to inspect your vehicle at home, work or even a shopping mall parking lot.

How It Works:

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Get A Warranty Quote

Before getting your inspection you need a warranty quote.  The vehicle must be registered in the name of the person getting the inspection.

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Mechanic Inspects The Car On Site

Our partner mechanics will perform the 147-point inspection at your desired location, taking photos and notes of the car’s condition. You do not need to be present.

Book An Inspection

Fill in the form below and you will be contacted to confirm your appointment. You don’t pay until the inspection is done.

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Get A Detailed Report

You will receive the mechanic’s report by email as soon as the inspection is complete. We will also receive a copy of the report and will contact you to complete purchasing your warranty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to get an inspection?

Insurance fraud is a real issue, and we need to ensure that all vehicles we cover are safe to do so. By filtering out problem vehicles prior to issuing policies, we are better able to provide industry-leading claims service to all of our customers.

Which vehicles need an inspection?

If your manufacturer’s full comprehensive warranty has expired (most are 3 years/60,000km or 4 years/80,000 km) you will need an inspection from Obvi to purchase a warranty. New vehicles still under warranty do not require inspections.

Why do I have to use Obvi and its partners for my inspection?

Streamlining all of our inspections through one trusted mechanic partner provides consistency and makes our claims process faster and more efficient for customers. We also want all of our customers to have the luxury of working with a mobile mechanic that comes right to their home or workplace. Additionally, some dealerships don’t always take the inspection process seriously because they are more focused on closing sales.

Do I need to have a quote before I get an inspection?

Yes, the discounted inspection rate is available to those who want to get a warranty for their vehicle. Get a quote for your vehicle before booking your inspection

Where can I get my vehicle inspected?

Inspections come to you! Your vehicle inspection can be done at your place of work or your home. We are currently only serving the greater municipal areas of Edmonton, Calgary, and the B.C. Lower Mainland.

Which cities and provinces do you offer inspections in?

We are currently only able to serve the greater municipal areas of Edmonton and Calgary in Alberta and the B.C. Lower Mainland for inspections. If you are able to travel to these locations we can set up an appointment; otherwise, we will look to expand our locations in the future.

If I don’t live in Calgary, Edmonton or the Lower Mainland, could I still drive to one of those areas for an inspection?

Yes, it’s possible to go to these areas for a scheduled inspection. Please plan ahead to determine a safe place to meet the mechanic.

What does the inspection include?

Certified mechanics perform a 147-point inspection which you will receive electronically. The inspection includes:

  • Thorough inspection of the vehicle’s mechanical, cosmetic and electrical systems
  • Identify existing conditions
  • Identify potential safety and financial problems
  • Wheels will be taken off, vehicle raised and then taken on a test drive

What happens if the inspection finds an issue?

If your vehicle has an issue that would be covered under warranty you will need to get it repaired before you can purchase a warranty. This doesn’t apply to excluded items like tires, rims, body panels, etc. Our partner mechanics can also help with the repairs for you at the time of inspection.

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