Get Total Value With Vehicle Replacement Insurance


Primary insurance pays market value. New cars cost more. Cover the difference.


What Is New Vehicle Replacement Insurance?

It can be stressful to wonder if your car will be a write-off or not. The average vehicle depreciates 10-15% per year. Your settlement will be for the depreciated value, not the full replacement cost. A write-off could mean that the difference comes out of your pocket. With vehicle replacement insurance, you can get a new vehicle in BC and AB, for vehicles up to five years old. Don’t want to buy the same vehicle or use the same dealership? Our policies have cash settlement and no requirement to replace clauses. We also save you the cost of dealer commissions which can be $500 or more.

Get coverage and say goodbye to depreciation!

What Do You Get With Our New Car Replacement Insurance?


Total Loss Protection

Up to $60,000 in loss protection. Cash settlement options.


Deductible Reimbursement

Up to $500 reimbursement for total loss.


Flexible Terms

New vehicles qualify for up to 7 years of coverage.


Monthly Payment Plans

Financing through your credit card or bank account.


Add These Benefits To Your Coverage:


OEM Parts Coverage

Repair with Original Equipment Manufacturer parts (OEM), not recycled or aftermarket parts, after an accident.

Plus Package

Partial loss deductible reimbursement, extra rental vehicle coverage, and lost or stolen key fob protection.

Diminished Value Coverage

Receive a cash settlement to cover part of your vehicle’s lost value after you’ve experienced an accident.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does replacement cost insurance work?

In the event of a write-off, your primary insurance settlement will pay the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of the vehicle. A new vehicle can lose up to 50% of its value in four years. The policy helps protect your significant cash investment from this depreciation. It covers the difference between the cost of a new vehicle and the payout from your primary insurer, up to $60,000.

What else does replacement cost insurance include?

The policy includes deductible reimbursement of up to $500. In addition, you can add OEM Parts coverage. In an accident, this gets you original parts instead of cheap third-party ones. The plus package includes rental car reimbursement, key fob replacement, and deductible payback. Note: the vehicle does not have to be a write-off for OEM parts and plus package coverage to take effect. You can also add diminished value coverage. If your vehicle has significant repairs after an accident it loses resale value. This add-on will give you a cash settlement for a 10% of the vehicle’s current value.

The cost stays the same for the duration of the contract and the coverage period can last up to seven years. You can cancel it at any time for a proportional refund.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. You can choose up to a 36-month plan depending on the length of the policy. Pay by credit card or direct debit from your account.

Do I qualify for coverage?

You can buy our replacement insurance in Canada if you live in BC or Alberta. Vehicles up to 5 model years old qualify.

When do you need vehicle replacement insurance?

If you have a loan or lease your vehicle you will need to keep making those payments even if it is a write-off. Your primary car insurance likely will not cover any payments owed on your vehicle.

If you cannot afford to replace your car or pay the difference for the cost of a new one.

Is this the same as a replacement cost endorsement?

A replacement cost endorsement is not the same. A replacement cost endorsement is only available on brand-new vehicles with your primary insurer. It can increase in cost significantly year after year. Your primary insurer can also end it after several minor claims or not renew it for many reasons. If you decide to switch insurers to save premiums, you lose the coverage.

In comparison, replacement cost insurance will stay valid for a fixed term of up to seven years. The premium is one price for the entire term, and you can buy it for new or used vehicles.

What is the difference between gap insurance and new car replacement?

If your car is totalled, gap insurance will ensure you don’t need to make payments on a car you no longer have. It pays the difference between your remaining car loan balance and the amount paid (the “gap”) from your primary insurance provider. Gap insurance won’t pay for a new car.

Replacement cost coverage pays to replace your vehicle with a new one of the same make and model.