New Car Replacement Insurance

Protect Your Hard Earned Investment


Options for a cash settlement and no need to replace the same vehicle

Save up to $500 not paying dealer fees! 

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What Is New Vehicle Replacement Insurance?

If you have ever been in an accident you know how stressful it can be wondering if your car will be a total write-off and how much the insurance company will pay. Your primary collision/comprehensive insurance settlement will only be for the actual cash value of your vehicle, not the replacement cost, so you could be out a lot of hard-earned money. Wouldn’t it be nice to know you could buy a brand new vehicle not having to worry about depreciation?

If you purchased a Vehicle Replacement Insurance policy you would receive the additional funds needed to buy a brand new similar model vehicle or a cash settlement — up to a $60,000 benefit! Vehicles registered in British Columbia and Alberta that are up to 5 model years old are eligible for replacement cost.

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Why Buy Vehicle Replacement Cost Insurance?

Vehicle Replacement Insurance

New Vehicle Protection Provides:

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Total Loss Protection

Up to $60,000 in loss protection. Coverage for vehicles up to $150,000 MSRP

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Deductible Reimbursement

Deductible reimbursement up to $500

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Flexible Terms

Choose the coverage term to fit your needs. Brand new vehicles qualify for 7 years


Payment Plans

Finance your policy monthly through your credit card or bank account

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Optional Benefits

OEM Parts Coverage
Rental Vehicle Reimbursement
Key Fob Replacement Coverage
Partial Loss deductible reimbursement
Diminished Value coverage

With Vehicle Replacement Insurance, you are back into a brand new equivalent model vehicle — up to a $60,000 benefit!

New Car Protection Insurance is worth it to have on your car, truck, or SUV as it protects you from unexpected financial hardship. The average vehicle depreciates 10-15% per year and a write-off could mean that the difference comes out of your own pocket. Your vehicle settlement will never depreciate for up to 7 years and policies have cash settlement options and no requirement to replace options.

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