Obvi knows the idea of making a claim can seem stressful – but our claims process is quick and straightforward. We want to get your claim sorted as soon as possible. Please note: all claims have to approved by Obvi before they can begin, so don’t let anyone start any work until you have contacted us and had the repair estimate Obvi approved.

Obvi is committed to responding as quickly as possible to every claim. If you need to make a claim, have questions or want to discuss the status of an existing claim please contact us.

Extended Warranty Claims

The Obvi Extended Warranty claims process is quick and easy. How can I make an Extended Warranty claim? Here are the easy steps;


Go to any licensed repair facility in Canada and get a quote (you can also contact Obvi before you do this if you wish)


Contact Obvi so that we can approve the repair estimate


We will then directly pay the repair bill

GAP Insurance Claims

How do I make a GAP Insurance claim? Simple! Follow these easy steps and you’re good to go;


If something has happened to your vehicle and it has been written off by your auto insurer, contact us


We will request your claim information for processing


Once approved, payments will be settled promptly

Obvi Extended Warranty

Once approved payments will be settled promptly.

Obvi Claims Form

Need to make a claim on your Obvi Extended Warranty or GAP Insurance? Fill out the form below and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

Always have any repair bill authorized by Obvi before proceeding with repairs. Call us anytime Toll Free at 1-844-712-2054 or email

Claims FAQ

Something is broken on my car. How do I know if it’s definitely covered under Obvi’s Extended Warranty Policy?

If you’re not sure, get in contact with our team through the Live Chat or find another method on our Contact Us page.

Multiple parts broke. Will this be ok?

As long as all of the parts have broken rather than you have been in an accident, then everything is fine. You can make as many claims as you need to with Obvi, with each claim having a $10,000 limit.

My repairman hasn’t heard of Obvi. What happens now?

That’s ok – it won’t affect anything. As long as your repairman is a licensed repair facility in Canada, they will be familiar with how the process works.

I got a repair estimate before I contacted Obvi. Is that ok?

That’s fine as long as no work has started. The repair estimate needs to be Obvi approved, but it doesn’t matter whether you got the estimate or contacted us first.