At Obvi we offer a simple solution that ensures your vehicle warranty remains intact. There is no catch! Our extended car warranties can be easily transferred as a way to elongate your vehicle’s life and add to its future marketplace value. Get the most out of your investment by transferring your Obvi car warranty. We make car warranty transfers easy, flawless and fast. Obvi offers three separate ways to ensure your transfer needs are met, whether it’s through private sales, trading in at a dealer, or purchasing from a dealer.

Obvi understands that not all car warranty transfer needs are alike. That’s why we’re here to listen and support you every step of the way. Most warranties are not transferable, or can only be transferred under very specific conditions, but ours is simpler. Let us help clarify the process. Trust Obvi to take care of the problematic parts of transferring your warranty. We want to provide hassle-free car warranty transfers.


If you sell your vehicle privately, your Obvi extended warranty can be transferred. There are so many benefits to transferring your car warranty. Not only will you increase the value of your vehicle, you’ll typically be able to sell it quicker and offer the purchaser peace of mind as they would receive a reliable vehicle. Selling your vehicle? Follow the Private Sale Transfer link below and complete the form as instructed. Please contact us if you require any assistance.


Many people trade in their vehicle these days, but doing so will usually end your extended warranty. Why waste that money? Obvi ensures that you get the most bang for your buck. You have the ability to negotiate a better sale or trade value recognizing the additional investment in the mechanical performance of your vehicle. Are you trading in your vehicle? Follow the Sale to Dealer Transfer link and complete the form as instructed. If you have any questions or concerns going forward, we look forward to listening and supporting you.


Did you get the expensive warranty sales pitch? Ask if the vehicle you are purchasing from a dealer has an Obvi warranty attached to it, and skip the sales pitch. With Obvi, you get a reliable and trustworthy car warranty transfer. If you’re purchasing a vehicle with an Obvi warranty from a dealer, follow the Purchase From Dealer Transfer link and complete the form as instructed. Please reach out if you need any help along the way.

Obvi has redefined and raised the standard in automotive warranty, protecting your investment every step of the way.