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Obvi’s Guaranteed Asset Protection insurance, also known as GAP insurance, pays the difference between your remaining car loan balance and the settlement amount (the “gap”) from your auto insurance provider if your vehicle is considered a total loss and is written off.

Coverage is for your full loan term!

Negative Equity? We can cover that!

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Having GAP Insurance on your car, truck, or SUV protects you from financial hardship and you avoid having to make payments on a vehicle you no longer have. Long-term loans, elevated interest rates and high vehicle prices mean most vehicle owners carry a loan much higher than the value of their car, truck, or SUV. This is also known as the coverage “gap” in car insurance. With depreciation being the largest cost of owning or leasing a vehicle, you could end up out of pocket thousands of dollars if a theft or collision results in a total loss.

With Obvi’s GAP protection insurance, you avoid that – just call or fill out our online form to make a claim and we will pay off your loan up to $40,000 over and above what your insurance is paying out for the loss.

GAP Insurance

Obvi Auto GAP Insurance in Canada Provides:

Up to $40,000 in total loss GAP protection insurance

Coverage for any make or model of vehicle worth up to $100,000

Rental car benefits during loss claim

Coverage for the full term of your car, truck, or SUV loan or lease

Obvi’s car insurance GAP coverage is for the full term of your loan, without the need for renewals.
The price you pay covers you for the remainder of your loan.


Obvi’s GAP auto insurance is one of the easiest, fastest and simplest in Canada. Our quick online form asks a few questions about your vehicle and loan, and provides an instant quote. From there, you can choose to continue with your purchase right away – no need to complete a different form all over again. Our GAP protection insurance is ideal for those who have a long-term loan (4 years / 48 months up to 8 years / 96 months) and a relatively new vehicle (up to 4 years old).

Both new and used vehicle purchases are eligible, and almost anyone in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba who has recently signed a new auto loan or lease between $20,000 – $100,000 qualifies.

Find GAP insurance for your car loan today – start with a free, no-obligation online quote.

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