Extended Car Warranty

Vehicles break. Get stress-free security for unexpected repairs.

“Obvi has the best price, the best coverage, and the best customer satisfaction ratings. It was easy to speak with an agent who helped me with my questions along the way.” – Allison L.  Alberta


A Refreshingly Simple Extended Car Warranty Solution

Getting your vehicle fixed for a surprise breakdown can be stressful, frustrating, and costly. However, the right extended warranty can make all the difference. Imagine a new or used car warranty that is quick and simple. And, costs less. There is no confusion on who to call for service because we administer your claims for you. We are 100% Canadian and cover vehicles in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.


Flexible Plans

Select a complete coverage extension of up to 4 years or 80,000 KM.


Trusted and Honest

We are there when you need us, backed by an A+ insurance carrier policy.


 Quick Claims Process

You choose the shop, we pay them. Most claims approved in under an hour.


Quality and Value

Get OEM repairs across North America. Plus, transfer your policy if you sell.

We have two extended vehicle warranties, Elite and Premium

Vehicles up to 10 years old that have less than 120,000 KM are eligible for our full comprehensive Elite coverage. Our Elite warranty covers almost everything except wearable parts such as tires, windshields, or brake pads. If it’s not excluded, it’s covered!

Vehicles up to 10 years old that have between 120,000 and 200,000 KM are eligible for our Premium coverage. This policy has a list of named components that are covered. Including, engine, transmission, high tech, steering, electrical, heating and cooling, and much more.

Check out our warranty policy when getting a quote to see the full list of coverage. We include rental car, roadside assistance, and travel coverage.

Here are the potential savings with us versus other providers on some of the most popular models.


Obvi Customers Saved



Obvi Customers Saved



Obvi Customers Saved


Average customer savings of $2075.67 on Obvi extended auto warranties

*Results can vary as pricing can differ from dealer to dealer. The savings listed above are from customer testimonials and market research.

Save Money.  Get Value.

Cutting out the middleman from our extended warranty plans allows us to provide the best service possible while saving you your hard-earned dollars. Carry this value forward and increase your resale value when you sell or trade your vehicle, even at the dealership. A warranty with us means you will be taken care of when the time comes for a claim. We are accountable to you directly from the beginning. Get reliability, not a large unexpected repair bill

Typical Repair Costs

Obvi Mechanical Breakdown

With OEM parts and dealer-approved repairs, it doesn’t take long to realize the value of your Obvi warranty. We make things as easy as possible for you, saving you time, money, and a lot of stress. Get your new vehicle extended warranty coverage today – start by getting a free online quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the extended car warranty cover?

We offer comprehensive warranty coverage for your vehicle. It is comparable to the manufacturer’s warranty and other premium warranties. We email a copy of our extended car warranty policy details to you when getting your quote. Please contact us if you need more information via chat, email, or phone at 1-844-712-2054.

Is there a maintenance schedule requirement?

Following your manufacturer’s recommended service guidelines is all you need to do. Regular oil changes and maintenance should keep your vehicle running in good condition.

How much is the deductible?

Our warranty policies have a small deductible of $100 per warranty claim. Please refer to the terms and conditions on our policies for more information.

Does my manufacturer’s comprehensive warranty need to be valid to get coverage?

Vehicles with some remaining comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty can buy without an inspection. For most vehicles, this is 3 years/60,000 km or 4 years/80,000 km. You can contact a local dealership to confirm if it has a remaining warranty or not. We can still cover you if it doesn’t have any warranty, but you will need an inspection from us.

What vehicles are eligible for a warranty?

We offer extended car warranties for all major brands of new and used vehicles. Vehicles that are up to 10 model years old and have less than 200,000 KM are eligible. Try our quick online quote now to find out if you qualify.

Where can I get my car repaired?

You can take your car to any licensed repair facility in Canada or the continental United States. This includes dealerships and independent repair facilities. We would also be happy to recommend a shop if you are unsure where to go.

How do I make a claim?

Our claims service is quick and straightforward. We want your claim completed as soon as possible to get you on your way. You can contact us at claims@obvi.ca to start a claim or, visit our make a claim page.
Have your repair facility contact us before proceeding with any repairs and diagnostics.

How long do claim approvals take?

We approve most claims in under an hour. The time to resolve your warranty claim will depend on the extent of the claim.

Are Obvi warranties insurance policies? How does that protect me?

Yes. Our policies are insurance policies. Financial stability and good claims reserves are very important. With an A+ rated insurance policy, you know that your policy is safe for the entire term and beyond.

What if I need to cancel my policy?

All of our policies contain cancellation provisions. You can get a prorated refund at anytime if you need to cancel. To cancel your policy please contact us, and we will help you determine the next steps.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. You can choose up to a 36-month plan depending on the length of the policy. Pay by credit card or direct debit from your account.

Will my mechanic or dealership accept Obvi’s warranties?

Yes. You can take your vehicle to any licensed repair shop in Canada or the continental United States. We will pay the shop for you via credit card. No need for shop pre-approval or to set up accounts. Have your repair facility contact us before proceeding with any repairs and diagnostics.